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About us

Making unique ideas a reality.

Matthew Hill
Projects Director – Collage Productions

Our team

Collage is a Creative Production Studio that produces and delivers content across all media channels. We bring your marketing campaigns to life quickly, accurately and of the highest quality.

We are an experienced team of production and new media professionals. Some are old enough to have seen the transformation of the advertising industry, they have held senior roles in various large production companies and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Others on our team are young enough to be at the forefront of technology, living with and creating new trends. Together, our team have the insight and knowledge to bring your ideas to life.

Your brief to completion

We work with you to understand your brief and analyse the best options to reach your goal. We have a core team of producers and image specialists who are then partnered with our specialist network to create a purposed built team for each specific project. This means that the right skills and talents are allocated to your brief. Quality and efficiency is what we are about. Each purpose-built team know how to work with each other and what to do to get the job done and done right.

Our understanding

There are more ways to communicate with audiences than ever before but good ideas executed well work in any medium across all channels. We solve creative problems as a multi-disciplinary collective with strong production capabilities as our core. Our value add to clients is they receive a purpose-built team that shares fresh ideas and opportunities.

At Collage, we like a good challenge and love what we do, our collective and collaborative approach means we can deliver quality service and solutions to our clients on time and on budget.

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